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Brooks Chili Beans

Brooks Product Image Whenever you whip up a batch of your own chili, make sure you use Brooks Chili Beans. They’re specially grown to have the perfect taste and texture for chili recipes. And, they come in Mild, Hot, and Hot and Spicy sauces, so you can turn the heat up or keep it down.

Mild: Mild chili is low on heat (so everyone-even the kids-can enjoy it) with a mellow, savory flavor. With our mild recipes, you get all the great taste you want in a chili – without the fire.

Hot: Our Hot variety contains plenty of tongue-tingling, sinus-clearing, mouth-watering heat. We recommend Hot for chili lovers who aren’t afraid to feel the burn.

Hot and Spicy: Hot and Spicy combines a variety of hot and savory seasonings for rich, complex, tantalizing chili flavor.

Available Sizes/Packages:
- 15.5 oz, 30.5 oz, 40 oz and 52 oz

Recipes using this product:

Bowl of Chili