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Bean Combine your cuisines! Try serving your chili topped with, alongside, inside, or underneath these out-of-the-ordinary suggestions:
  • spaghetti squash
  • fried/scrambled eggs
  • vegetable slaw
  • cooked greens
  • salad
  • veggie chips
  • cornbread
  • couscous
  • fried rice
  • niblet corn
  • sauerkraut
  • tomato or pickle relish
  • taco bowl
  • melted cheese sauce
  • grits
  • roasted peppers
  • assorted chopped olives
  • crumbled cornbread
  • Bean Chili Bowl Need a new party theme? Throw a chili party! Make a batch of chili and serve it buffet style with all the fixings alongside. Decorate your table with chili pepper napkins and paper plates, and hang chili pepper lights in the dining room.
    Bean Use chili (and rice if you like) as a stuffing for tacos, enchiladas, crepes, and roasted peppers.
    Bean Experiment with different ingredients. For example, if you usually use beef - try turkey, chicken, pork, veal - or a combination. Make meatless chili or beanless chili for a change.
    Bean Serve chili for breakfast! Mild chili topped with melted Cheddar or American cheese is a delicious accompaniment to your morning eggs, grits or corn muffin.
    Bean Make extra batches of chili to freeze - and you'll always have an easy meal on hand.
    Bean Making pasta? Instead of traditional sauce, use chili.

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    Bowl of Chili